"...dan boleh jadi kamu benci akan sesuatu, sedang ia lebih baik bagimu, dan boleh jadi kamu kasihi akan sesuatu, sedang ia melarat bagimu. Dan Allah mengetahui, tetapi kamu tiada mengetahui"
(Al Baqarah:216)

Monday, October 05, 2009

Still Searching .....

"Whether migrants will move to small and intermediate urban centres rather than to larger cities depends on the income-generating opportunities (both 'formal' and 'informal' )available locally, and on the reasons why migrants move in the first place. By contrast, these towns also attract a significant group of professional migrants coming from other urban centres, and whole presence in small and intermediate urban centres is part of career path, ususally as employees of large private and parastatal firms who run branches in such centres" (Satterthwaite & Tacoli 2003)

still searching for a new theory related to small and intermediate urban centres.
Is "Urban Function in Rural Development (UFRD) theory" (Rondinelli) is still relevant?
Is "Growth Pole Theory" still relevant?

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